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Last updated February 4, 2018

Show me the numbers! In Stats, PeopleMap will analyze your currently selected Instagram Account, giving you a complete social audit. Switch accounts by clicking the down arrow in the top right corner of PeopleMap, next to the profile pic. Stats has two sections, Stats and Activity:



This section shows you how your account's key metrics have changed over time, on a weekly or monthly basis. You can switch the chart to show Followers, Average Likes, or Engagement.


Hover your mouse over any bar in the chart to see the stat value and time period. Click the bar to switch the time period of all the stats below the chart. If a bar shows a spike or decline, click one of the numbers below the bar to see which posts or campaigns happened in that time period. This is a great way to get insights into big growth jumps.

  • The numbers in the Posts per Week row show how many posts were in that time period. TIP: Check the Engagement Chart to see if there's a correlation with how often you post.
  • The numbers in the Campaigns row show how many campaign posts were in that time period. TIP: If you see a big spike in your Follower Growth, could it be because of a campaign?


By the Numbers

Below the chart, you'll see stat breakdowns for the time period (week or month) you've clicked on the chart.

  • Total likes shows the growth in likes from the previous period and whether the change is up or down.

  • Average likes per post shows average likes from posts in the period and whether the change is up or down.

  • Most liked posts: if you have more than 3 posts in the period, this shows which were the most liked.

  • Total Comments adds up the total comments from posts in the period, and shows the change from the previous period.

  • Average comments shows the average comments per post for the period, and the change from the previous period.

  • Posts counts how many posts you published that period, and the change from the pervious period.

  • Best Times to Post and Best Days to Post are calculated based on your posting history. PeopleMap looks through your recent posts and sums the engagement (likes and comments). If your posts at 8am have historically had the highest engagement, that's shown as your best time to post. Likewise, if your posts on Wednesday have performed the best, that's shown as your best day to post. Keep in mind that these times and days are based on how your followers have engaged with your content historically. They're an analysis of your past activity, not predictions of the future.


On the secondary nav, select Activity to view the history of your engagement activity on PeopleMap. It also shows whether the accounts you're engaging with are following you back.

  • For each account you engaged with, you'll see whether you liked or commented, and what that comment was.
  • If you like or comment on multiple posts from the same account, this section will only show you the most recent like/comment. PeopleMap will also display this on the Profile for that account.
  • If you see an account that didn't follow you back, you might want to re-engage with them. Click the account's profile pic to open the Profile panel. You can re-engage there without losing your place in Activity.