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Getting StartedPuno

Getting Started


The main search box in PeopleMap lets you look up Instagram accounts and hashtags. For Instagram accounts you have not already saved into your PeopleMap account, you can search by exact Username. For accounts you have already saved in your PeopleMap account, you can search by Username, Full Name, or words in the account's Bio—it's basically the same as searching for someone in the Instagram app. You can write notes on Instagram accounts you find with PeopleMap (which saves the Instagram account to your PeopleMap account). Those notes are searchable from the main search box too.


Profiles / Usernames

To search for a specific Instagram account,

  1. Click Search at the top of PeopleMap, type the exact username of the account you're looking for, then hit Enter. You don't need to type the @ symbol.

  2. Click the profile pic of the account. A panel will open to the right of your search results showing that account's profile, along with their key stats. If you're on a small screen, the panel will cover your search results (click the X to close the panel and return to your search results).



To search for a specific hashtag,

  1. Click Search at the top of PeopleMap, type the # symbol, then the name of the hashtag (eg, #sponsored), and hit Enter

  2. You'll see matching hashtags and the number of posts for each hashtag

  3. Click the hashtag you're looking for to see all the posts tagged with that hashtag, in order of when they were last tagged (sometimes people tag very old posts)

  4. Use the filters at the top to narrow your results.


Filtering hashtags

When you look up a hashtag in PeopleMap, you can filter the results. Because nobody has time to scroll through 400K+ posts to find the right brand ambassador, future customer, or potential collaborator! For a post to be shown in the results, it has to meet all the filters you specify (it's a logical AND, not an OR). 

There are two ways you can filter:

(1) BY username/hashtags/keywords

  • @username to show posts where that username is in the caption of the post.

  • #hashtag to show posts where that hashtag is in the caption of the post.

  • keyword to show posts where that keyword is in the caption of the post. You can enter multiple keywords, separated by spaces.

(2) By minimum likes:

Enter a number to show posts that were liked by at least that number of people. For example, if you want to see posts with 100 or more likes, enter: 100



Once you've entered all your filters, press Filter. PeopleMap will look through all the hashtag posts and display the matches as it finds them. Do not close this browser tab or the filtering process will stop. To keep using PeopleMap while the filter is running, just open another tab in your browser.

If no results display after 5 minutes, you can press Stop, and try new filters.