Community Management


Community Management


Community Management is different from Social Media Marketing in that Social Media Marketing's goal is to drive people to make a purchase within your company. And these tactics vary based on the network—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Community Management often doesn't look like traditional marketing since it focuses on creating or strengthening community, not maximizing sales.

This usually means: 

  • Attracting new people to a community

  • Reaching out to older or inactive community participants to bring them back into the fold

  • Creating opportunities for current community participants to engage with one another

Community Management and Social Media Marketing is a symbiotic relationship for sure; each can power the other. And especially on Instagram, community management can be that solid base you need to activate successful digital marketing. 



Regramming UGC

If you have a daily/weekly posting schedule for a client, PeopleMap can make that workload a lot more efficient. For this guide, you'll be using Post Lists to collect content that matches your client's aesthetic for regrams (ie, user generated content or UGC) .

By keeping all the photos in a PeopleMap Post list, you'll be able to see whose photos they are later with one click. That way you can properly mention the creator, and reference any related info (eg, location and non-photography credits). Say you're searching for UGC by browsing through analysis results or hashtag posts on PeopleMap. When you see a photo that could potentially be a good regram,

  1. Click the photo to open the Post Detail panel in PeopleMap

  2. Click Add to Post List and create a Post List called "Brand Name 1 Post" (You can only create a post list from the Post Detail panel). 

  3. For any other photos you come across, click Add to Post List again and click "Brand Name 1 Post" to add those photos to the Post List.

  4. When you're ready to post an image, open your Post List by clicking Lists in the main navigation at the top of PeopleMap, then Posts in the secondary navigation. Click "Brand Name 1 Post" to open your list. Looking at your potential regrams in a Post List is a great way to maintain a consistent aesthetic for your feed, because you see how the posts look together in a grid. 

  5. To post one of the images, click it to open the Post Detail panel, then drag that larger image to your desktop. It'll be saved with the highest available resolution.

  6. Email/Text/Airdrop yourself the image and voila; you're ready to post.
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  7. Once you have a good "Brand Name 1 Post" list going, a client or third party can then go in and work through the approval process. By creating three more lists and moving posts between them, you'll have a content funnel that keeps the team organized:

  • Brand Name 1 Post

    • These will be the posts you think go well with the brand and want to potentially go forward with posting. 

  • Brand Name 2 Approved

    • These will be the posts that a client / boss can then approve to be posted. They'll be deselected from the first list and added to this one.

  • (Optional) APPROval requested BY CREATOR, APPROVED BY CREATOR

    • Whether you need these lists depends on the type of community and the nature of your account. Being a good member of the Instagram community means respecting the wishes of its creators.

  • Brand Name 3 Posted

    • Once an image goes live on a feed, move it to this list so that you don't repost the image. 

    • By monitoring the previous list in the funnel as you feed it into this one, you'll have a good idea of when you need to start adding new content to the first list in the funnel. 


Increasing Post Engagement

Another important aspect of community management involves activating those people who follow or engage with your media. You can increase engagement by engaging with users who have already commented and liked previous posts. Those users are more likely to comment since they already have in the past. 

  1. Open the Brand's Instagram profile on

  2. Click the total number of likes you see. Reference here.

  3. Click an account and engage with it. Normally, liking a few images and commenting authentically on the account will be more than enough to "notify" a user of your presence.

Keep mining! You can also increase engagement by interacting with people who like or comment on posts that mention or hashtag your brand. If an influencer posts a photo that includes your brand and people comment on that photo, go to each commenter's account and comment on their posts. This is a great way to pull in new followers and customers.