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Last updated February 4, 2018


The Analyze button lets you search, sort, and filter an Instagram account's engaged community. You know when you find a gem of an account and you think, "How can I find more accounts like this?" Then you scroll through their followers to look for more gems? The Analyze button is the same thing, but way faster.

The analysis search can be pretty powerful once you get a feel for what keywords to use. It matches any text in the Bios of the accounts in the results. Try stuff like "blogger", "photographer", or "Los Angeles". Or let's say you're a brand, and you're looking specifically for micro-influencers. You can filter for accounts with 2K to 30K followers and sort by highest engagement rate. Or maybe you're an influencer, and you want to see what brands another influencer tags. Sort by Most Tagged and the tagged accounts will be at the top of the results. Once you get the hang of what you're looking for, you'll go down even deeper rabbit holes than when you were just scrolling through follower lists.

One thing to note is that not all followers are included in the analysis. The results only include people who have recently engaged with the account by liking or commenting, and accounts that were tagged in posts. PeopleMap generates the results by looking at the first 100 likers, last 150 commenters, and every account tagged on the last 30 posts of the account you analyzed. Private accounts are excluded.


How long does the analysis take?

Each analysis usually takes less than an hour, but may take longer if you have lots of analysis requests in your queue. Not to worry, we do this in the background and we'll notify you by email when the results are ready. That means you can go ahead and close the tab!

Once an analysis is complete, PeopleMap will email you a link. Click that link to go directly to the analysis results. Analysis completion notification emails can be turned off in your PeopleMap settings. You can check the status of an analysis job by clicking the Analyze button on the profile again.


How many times can YOU press the analyze button?

You can analyze 200 accounts every 7 days, on a rolling basis. Results expire and are deleted after 7 days; but you can always re-analyze! You'll want to do this periodically as active accounts always have new people engaging with them.


What should I do with these results?

Browse the results to find the hidden gems. What your hidden gems look like depends on what your goals are. Whether you're a brand or an influencer, you're on Instagram to grow socially—so get social! Look for collaborators, partners, and muses; any connection that can potentially help you get to your goals. Focus on profiles that have like-minded communities and add them to your lists.

The best part about the Analyze button is you can search, filter, and sort the results. Try different combinations. For example, sort by Top Likers and Top Commenters to see an account's biggest fans.

Remember, you can analyze any public profile you find on PeopleMap. The more profiles you analyze, the more hidden gems you'll discover!

Analyze Results Panel


1. Search

Search for specific words or phrases in the bios of the accounts in the result set. Enter any word or part of a word. You can search for emoji too (eg,📍).

  • As a brand, if you're looking for people in a specific location, try searching for the city name, state abbreviation, or a common term for the area.
  • As an agency, you can search for "photographer", "MUA", or "stylist" to find creatives to work with.
  • As an influencer, the search tab is extremely useful when trying to grow your community. Find like-minded influencers with keywords like "fitness", "mom", or "food". Analyze those influencers; then mine and grind their audience. If an influencer has a similar audience to yours, those people will like your account too.



Show accounts with a certain number of followers. Enter a high and low number to specify a range. Leave a field blank if you don't want to limit that end of the range.

  • As a brand, you can find micro-influencers that are more suitable for smaller budgets or broad reach.
  • As an agency, see which big influencers or brands are commenting or liking on your client's accounts. Click the shortcut buttons like 500K and 100K to segment the results quickly. These likers and commenters are warm leads and you should constantly be thinking about how you can collaborate with them to grow your client's account. Sort by "Avg Likes High" to get the best.
  • As an influencer, when analyzing a brand, set the max follower limit to the number of followers you have, then sort by Most Tagged. This shows you who they're working with that's at the same level as you.



Sort your results to save time.

Why Average Likes Per Post is the best.

Why Average Likes Per Post is the best.

  • Followers High/Low shows the most or least followed accounts first, within your follower range. 
  • Average Likes per Post High/Low shows accounts with the highest or lowest average likes per post first. We prefer using this sort over engagement rate since it clearly indicates the size of the audience you can expect for a sponsored post.
  • Engagement High/Low shows accounts with the highest or lowest engagement rates first, within your follower range.  
  • Top Likers shows accounts that liked the most posts.
  • Top Commenters shows accounts that commented on the most posts.
  • Most Tagged shows accounts that were tagged the most in the analyzed account's posts.
  • TIP: Brands can use these sorts see which influencers/brands are interacting with them the most, which is great for identifying potential partners/collaborators. This also works the opposite way, where influencers can use sorts to see which brands/agencies are interacting with their content the most. Partnerships are more likely to happen when both sides are on each other's radar. 


3. Download

Click the Download link next to the Filter button to get a CSV export of your Analysis results. The download will reflect the filters you've set. Once you have the CSV file, you can import it into your preferred spreadsheet or database program. The export includes the Instagram link, account username, any email address from the Bio, follower count, average likes, engagement, like count, comment count, mention count, and Bio. 

TIP: If you only see 10 results in your downloaded file, it's because you're still on a free trial. Subscribe to a plan to unlock full downloads.