Find Micro-Influencers

Find Micro-Influencers

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How to Find Micro-Influencers on Instagram


What is a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers are the largest subset of influencers. They typically have 500 to 100K followers, anywhere from 3-10% engagement, and an authentic community in a specific niche. When searching for micro-influencers, you'll notice that these accounts can have higher Average Likes Per Post than some +100K Influencer accounts.

One appeal of micro-influencers is their cost per post and flexibility with trades. To get an estimate of how much a post would cost, multiply their followers by $0.01. If they have really high Average Likes Per Post, multiply their likes by $0.50. Either way you calculate it, most micro-influencers will be less expensive than a top tier +100K influencer. If you have the budget and bandwidth, test different types of influencers and compare your ROI (see our Campaigns guide for how to do that).


Who works with Micro-Influencers?

  • Big Brands work with micro-Influencers to build awareness in a specific location or niche. Typically they'll create a product seeding campaign or invite list for an event that has a combination of +100K Influencers and micro-influencers.

  • Agencies are always on the hunt for new talent and fresh perspectives. Establishing relationships with micro-influencers before they blow up is a strategic way to foster a talent pool. It really pays off later.

  • Small Brands seek micro-influencers to get feedback on their products and build brand loyalty. Small brands and their founders can take the time to build relationships and grow with their ambassadors.

  • Influencers and Freelancers collaborate and network with like-minded micro-influencers to grow their following.



Beauty Brand seeking Micro-Influencers with a YouTube channel.

Analyze method:

  1. Search for a competitor brand account on PeopleMap.

  2. Add this account to your Competitors list and click Analyze.

  3. When your analysis is ready, search for youtube, set Followers High to 30K, and sort by Average Likes: High to see accounts with highest engagement regardless of followers.

  4. Click Filter to view results.

  5. Once you find a few micro-influencers, add them to a Micro-Influencers list.

Hashtag search method:

  1. Search for the hashtag of a beauty brand. For example, #GlossierRep.

  2. Enter youtube as your keyword and click Filter.

TIP: We recommend analyzing each micro-influencer you find, because more often than not, they attract other like-minded micro-influencers. Plus, it's a quick way to check that their community is who you want to reach.