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How to Find Brands to Work With on Instagram


Pitching Brands

So you're ready to monetize your account. No matter the size of your following or what your specific niche is, we want to help you get a clear idea of how to attract the brands that align with your style and message, instead of just catching whoever falls your way. This is super important because authenticity is key to maintaining an active, dedicated community! If you're saying yes to every sponsored opportunity, you're not fulfilling the social contract with your following. Your audience trusts and respects you, so you should be working with brands that you trust and respect.

Here are some pitch tips and step-by-step instructions for how to find brands. We gotchu. 

  • How often should I pitch? The number of brands you pitch, and how often you pitch, depends on your time and capability. We recommend making a list in PeopleMap of at least 30 brands you want to work with. Each week, pitch 5-10 of those brands and follow up at least twice. The more you pro-actively reach out to brands, the faster you'll grow and start monetizing your content. Don't forget to follow up!

  • How do I contact them? A simple DM or an email to the right person is usually all it takes if the brand is receptive to inbound pitches. Check their Instagram account to see if they respond to comments and regram posts they've been tagged in. If they're actively engaging with their community on Instagram, sending a DM will probably work, or at least get you the right email address. If they aren't responsive on Instagram, analyze their account in PeopleMap and search for the brand name. Employees often will put their company's name in their Bio.

  • Do your homework. If your content style is similar to a brand you love, be sure to note the content similarities when reaching out. If your community loves coffee and you're really interested in trying a new coffee brand, then make sure you let the brand know how much your audience looks to you for these recommendations. Prove your willingness to work with them and show that you've done your research! Check out tips from Julie Solomon: How to Get an Email Response Fast



Organize your Pitch Funnel Using Lists

You can use lists in PeopleMap to manage your process of pitching to brands. This process ensures you don't pitch the same brand twice or let a brand slip through the cracks, especially if you have a team member helping you out.

  1. Create three Lists in PeopleMap. You could also create other lists if you need to be more organized (eg, Fashion, Lifestyle, Boutique, etc).
    01 Brands To Reach Out
    02 Brands Emailed
    03 Brands In Talks

  2. Analyze accounts you like (either other brands or influencers) in PeopleMap to find more like-minded brands you want to work with. Add them to the 01 Brands To Reach Out list. You can browse our lists of brands, on the right. 

  3. When analyzing a brand, search for the term founder, content director, or influencer (for anyone who handles influencer marketing) to show which specific people you should reach out to. Add them to the same pitch list, and write the name of the brand they work with in the Notes field.  

  4. Once you've emailed or DMd a brand, move the account to 02 Brands Emailed list. To do this, go to the brand account's Profile panel in PeopleMap, click the List button, then deselect 01 Brands To Reach Out and select 02 Brands Emailed



Find Brands that Already Engage With You

  1. Search for your account username on PeopleMap and open your profile. Click Analyze.

  2. Sort results by Followers: High.

  3. Click Filter. You may find brands that are already engaging with your account!

  4. Add any accounts that you like to your 01 Brands To Reach Out List.



Find Brands that Engage with Other Influencers

  1. Search for an Influencer you dig (or use one of our Top Lists as a starting point).

  2. Keep track of these Influencers, by making a list called Influencer Muses. 

  3. Analyze this account. 

  4. In your analysis results, put your total Follower count in Followers High so that you're showing accounts at your Follower count or below. You can always play around with this, but the idea is to find other accounts like you! For example, let's say you have 13,451 followers, try 15K or 20K for Followers High.

  5. Sort by Most Tagged and click Filter. Browse this list to see who the Influencer has tagged. Notice if the brand has commented or liked the Influencer back. 

  6. Add accounts that you like to your 01 Brands To Reach Out List. 

    TIP: Analyze Brands and see who they have tagged!