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Introduction to PeopleMap

Getting StartedPuno
Introduction to PeopleMap

Getting Started

Introduction to PeopleMap


What does PeopleMap do?

PeopleMap is an Instagram marketing tool that helps you grow your community authentically. Brands, Agencies, Influencers, and Freelancers use PeopleMap to find, engage, and track their people on Instagram.


Why use PeopleMap?

Real talk. With the algorithm changes, it's more important than ever to grow your community authentically. Marketers, Founders, and Influencers who have been in this game know that engaging with like-minded people and partners is the most effective marketing strategy on Instagram. The problem is, that takes time. We're not a bot. We're a tool that will make those manual workflows you do everyday WAY faster.

How do we know this? We built PeopleMap internally to grow our account @madewithmap from 0 to 80K followers in a year. Here are things we used to do that took a lot of time:

  • We used to spend hours scrolling through suggested users and their followers to find like-minded accounts. Wouldn't it be great if there was a sorting option? That's Analyze.

  • We used to screenshot cool accounts and made spreadsheets by manually adding everything! Thank you, Lists

  • During a campaign, we used to check each Influencer's account to see if they'd posted yet. Yawn, spend more time doing more important things. See how Campaigns can help save you time.

  • We wanted to see an overall picture of all our stats, posts, and campaigns so we can evaluate which initiatives made a big impact on our follower growth and engagement. Go Stats!


Who is PeopleMap for?

PeopleMap is for everyone! Big brands, small brands, agencies, and influencers.

Big Brands use this for strategic marketing initiatives built around an existing community. By tapping into the people already aware of your brand, you can build ambassadorships and track campaigns across communities of influencers; targeting new customers along the way.   

Micro Brands and Professionals use this for growth and list building. By analyzing similar accounts and identifying their key customers, clients, and/or partners, you'll be able to convert followers to your brand through targeted organic engagement.

Agencies use this to identify and work with new talent, influencers, and micro-influencers. Whether you're a content studio looking for photographers and models, or you want to collaborate with innovative brands, this tool will help you identify those key users and interact with them.

Influencers use this to expand their collaborator networks, build brand lists for integrated partnerships, and grow an even larger community of followers. By building lists and strategically engaging, you'll constantly be on everyone's social radar.


Is PeopleMap approved by Instagram?

PeopleMap has been approved by Facebook to access Instagram data through the Facebook Graph (Facebook owns Instagram). When you connect your Instagram account to PeopleMap, you're in full control of what data we have access to and can revoke it at any time. We never take any actions on your behalf without your explicit consent.