Pitching to Micro-Brands

Pitching to Micro-Brands

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Pitching to Micro-Brands

Last updated September 16, 2018

Micro-brands on Instagram are AWESOME. Mostly because they are small businesses that will usually be open to trade, or willing to give a decent discount. Similar to you, they're looking to build their following. This is where product for trade isn't necessarily a bad thing. Especially as a micro-influencer is looking to do the same. exact. thing. 💪🏼

Of course, we're not saying to devalue your time and services for free products. But, if you're an influencer under 10K followers, product for trade is a great place to start. Especially if you can find brands you love that are in the same boat (socially). This allows you to trade social capital while building the aesthetic and ~vibes you both like. 

Plus, it's much easier to reach out to brands who are around the same social following as you! 

How to Find Micro-Brands

by Using Hashtags

  1. Each week, spend one hour looking for 10 Micro-Brands you want to work with, and DM or e-mail them.

  2. Search for #whomademyclothes and click through to the results.
    TIP: Search for location based tags like #madeincanada.

  3. Set Min. likes to 200.

  4. Click Filter. The filtering process could take a few minutes so don't close your browser tab. However, you can click posts while PeopleMap is filtering.

  5. Click posts you like and check out the accounts. Add accounts you like to a list named Sustainable Micro-Brands.

  6. Analyze any account you put in a list to find even more like-minded accounts!

by Analyzing Accounts

  1. Search for boutiques or events that support local designers (eg, @garmentory, @uniquemarkets, @needsupply)

  2. Add these accounts to your Local Designers list and click Analyze on them.

  3. When your analysis is ready, sort by Most Tagged. Click Filter to view results.

  4. Add accounts you like to a list named Micro-Brands.


How to Pitch Micro-Brands

  1. Each week, spend one hour finding 10 Micro-Brands you want to work with, and DM or e-mail them. Focus on Micro-Brands that have around the same following or lower.

  2. Track how many people say yes. Take note of your outreach conversion.
    TIP: If you reach out to 10 Micro-Brands, and 2 respond and say yes, that's a 20% conversion. Now you can estimate that if you reach out to 20 Micro-Brands, you can expect 4 will say yes. Think about how to increase that conversion. Take photos similar to their aesthetic and make your email more personal.

  3. Don't lose momentum. Once they say yes, set up a shoot within a week and try to send back photos 2 weeks after receiving the product.

  4. Email the brand and send them the photos. Tell them when you'll be posting.

  5. Create a campaign to track their growth and build a case study on your website.

  6. Results look good? Send a pdf of the campaign to them! Let them know you would love to do it again and you're open to becoming an Affiliate.