Find Influencers by Location

Find Influencers by Location

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How to Find Influencers by Location


Location Specific Hashtags

Filtering is a great way to find people in a specific location. For example, if you're based in Scottsdale, AZ and you're looking for influencers to invite to a local event, you can search #ScottsdaleBlogger or #AZBlogger to see what comes up. If you're not sure about which hashtag to look through, check the number of posts for each, and start with the more popular one. If #AZBlogger has more posts than #ScottsdaleBlogger, search #AZBlogger and then filter those results with scottsdale as a keyword.



Store building a guest list for a local event.

If you're opening a new store in, let's say Nashville, and you want to find micro-influencers to invite to your opening, you can use PeopleMap to search and filter location-based hashtags.

  1. Search for #NashvilleBlogger and click through to the results.
    TIP: You can also search for just #Nashville to find other tags for the city; might be some in there you've never seen before!

  2. Set Min. likes to 250. This will ensure you find someone that has a somewhat solid community. 

  3. Click Filter. The filtering process could take a few minutes so don't close your browser tab. However, you can click posts while PeopleMap is filtering (each post will open in a panel).

  4. Click posts you like and check out the accounts of the posters. Add accounts you like to a list named Event - Invite. Once you've invited them via email or DM, move the account to a list named Event - Invited.

  5. Analyze anyone you put in the Event - Invite list to find even more like-minded accounts!


Location Accounts Analysis

You can use the Analyze button to find local influencers too. If you know the region well, think of a local shop or cafe. You want a business that only has a few locations (maybe just one), and preferably hasn't expanded out of the area. It should cater specifically to the demographic you want with its branding, neighborhood, or product. Search for the Instagram account of the business on PeopleMap and hit Analyze. If you've picked your business carefully, the results should be mostly full of locals. You can then analyze any other local account you find in those results.

If you don't know a region well, usually a quick Google search will turn up some hyper local businesses in the area. And you don't have to limit yourself to physical stores. Local lifestyle and culture blogs from the area are great Analysis options too. Magazines often get their start by tapping in to local influencer communities, and have highly focused audiences as a result.



Aussie Mum? Collaborate with other Australian Mom Bloggers

  1. Search for #mumblogger in PeopleMap and click the most popular result (later you can try different searches like #aussiemum or #mumblog).

  2. Filter the posts with keyword sydney or whatever city you're in (this filter can take up to an hour to generate a lot of results) and 200 Min. likes.

  3. Look through the posts and click through to the profile.

  4. If you like what you see, click Add to List on the profile. You can add the profile to several types of lists, depending on how organized you want to be. Some example list names:

    • Mom

    • Blogger

    • Sydney

  5. To find even more like-minded Mom Bloggers, Analyze each of these accounts in your List—mom bloggers follow other mom bloggers!



Casting for a Shoot

  1. If you have a list of creatives specific to your city, first go to that list and filter it by typing in a keyword—like actor or talent—to see who pops up. Or start with our list of New York Talent on Instagram.

  2. Once you find the account that perfectly embodies the talent you want, Analyze that account. Add them to a new list for this casting (eg, Cast for Editorial). 

  3. In the Analyze Panel, search for the word New York and press Filter. In separate searches, try other words like NYC or NY

  4. Add notes for the accounts you like most. Your other team members on PeopleMap can then go in and handle the pitching or the list building once they know the type of users to build off of.