The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

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The Power of Collaboration

Last updated February 5, 2018


Collaboration is critical for influencers who want to grow past a few thousand followers. Not only does it give you exposure to entirely new communities, but it builds your personal brand by affiliating it with another high caliber brand; it's social proof. You can't just create content in a silo. You'll miss out on new fans, and new opportunities. Be strategic by collaborating with people that you can swap social currency with, in addition to increasing your content production level.


List Building

Whether you're looking for brands to work with, influencers to collaborate with, or competitors in your field, PeopleMap Lists are a great way to keep all of those people in one place. Once you create your People lists, you can Analyze those accounts to see who they're interacting with. We also have Post lists, which are great for building personalized mood boards and style guides—it's important to know who you are...and who you aren’t.



brands to pitch

You can use lists to manage your process of pitching to brands, by creating list funnels:

  1. Create three Lists: Brands To Reach Out, Brands Emailed, Brands In Talks. You could make these more specific too, if you need to be more organized (eg, Fashion brands, Lifestyle brands, Boutique brands, etc).

  2. Analyze accounts you like (either other brands or influencers) to find brands you want to work with, and add them to the Brands to Reach Out list.

  3. In your analysis results, sort by Most Tagged to show brands at the top. This technique works for influencer accounts because influencers tag the brands they work with for sponsored posts and collaborations. Brands also tag other brands for collaborations. You'll see a mix of brand and influencer accounts at the top of the results, so keep scrolling to find all the brands (the sort doesn't show only brands).

  4. When you email a brand your pitch, move the account to the Brands Emailed list. On the brand account's Profile Detail panel in PeopleMap, click the List button, then deselect the first list they were in and select the Brands Emailed list. 

  5. Make sure you know exactly the kind of collaboration you're looking to do before reaching out. If you go to a brand with something specific in mind, they'll see you've done your research and might even take you up on their idea if they don't already have a campaign running. 

This process ensures you don't pitch the same brand twice or let a brand slip through the cracks, especially if you have a team member helping you out.



Other Mom Bloggers in Sydney

  1. Search for #aussiemum#mumblog, or #mumblogger in PeopleMap and click the most popular result (mum, not mom; because they're Aussies)

  2. Filter the posts with keyword sydney (this filter can take up to an hour to generate a lot of results) and 1K minimum followers.

  3. Look through the posts and click through to the profile.

  4. If you like what you see, click Add to List on the profile. You can add the profile to several types of lists, depending on how organized you want to be. Some example list names:

    • Mom

    • Blogger

    • Sydney

    • 2018 Event Name - 1 Invite

    • 2018 Event Name - 2 Invited

    • 2018 Event Name - 3 RSVPd

  5. To find even more like-minded Mom Bloggers, Analyze each of these accounts in your List—mom bloggers follow other mom bloggers!

  6. When you reach out, let them know you've done your research. Tell them why you think they'd enjoy the event by linking content you love, you'll more likely than not get a response. Include the invite in the body of the email and make sure you address each invitee by name!