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Last updated February 4, 2018

You can look up any Instagram account on PeopleMap to see a profile with key information. We've broken each item down below so you know what you're looking at.

Profile Section

  1. Instagram account link. Click the icon next to the Instagram username to see the account on Instagram's website. 

  2. Followers Count tells you how many users are following that Instagram account. Click the Refresh button next to this number to get the most up-to-date number.

  3. Average Likes Per Post takes the number of likes an account gets across all posts and divides that by the total posts they have published on their account. The like average is calculated for the most recent 30 posts, excluding likes on posts older than 90 days. If there are fewer than 30 posts in the last 90 days, the average is still taken over 30, producing a time-weighted average that's lower for less active accounts. We love this stat over Engagement Rate because it allows you to quickly compare two accounts with different follower totals. Think of it like a media buy!

  4. Engagement Rate tells you the percentage of your followers that like and comment on your Instagram posts. For example, if you post a photo that gets 9 likes and 1 comment, and you have 1,000 followers, the engagement on that post is (9+1)/1000 = 1%.

    Calculating a profile's overall engagement is a little more complex. To establish a trend, PeopleMap first averages the likes and comments over the most recent 30 posts.

    Next, if a profile has fewer than 1,000 followers, the engagement number is reduced to dampen the friend effect; early followers tend to engage more highly because of personal affiliation. The engagement number is also reduced for profiles that have more follows than followers. These adjustments allow you to directly compare the engagement of someone with 500 followers to someone with 100,000 followers.

    Finally, the engagement calculation does not count posts older than 90 days. This ensures that a profile's inactivity is expressed in its lower engagement number. An account that has not posted in the past 90 days would have 0% engagement.

  5. Profile Bio shows you the account's Instagram Bio, where people often write their email address, hashtags they're obsessed with, and the city or country where they're based. TIP: If you don't see an email in the Bio, click the Instagram account link icon (#1). Sometimes the account will show the email there. TIP #2: If you see a hashtag or Instagram username in the bio, click it to open a panel in PeopleMap showing that hashtag or account profile. 

  6. Followers/Following Status of your currently selected Instagram account (top right of PeopleMap). Whenever you view a profile, we'll let you know if your account is being followed by that account, or if you're following that account. Sometimes it's both, sometimes it's neither. F4F? (No, don't do that.)

    You can't follow an account from the PeopleMap interface. But you can click the Instagram account link icon (#1) to open the account on Instagram and follow them there.

  7. Analyze button. Click this to sort and filter the accounts that have recently engaged with this profile. The analysis tool essentially lets you dive into the community of an Instagram account. Learn more in the Analyze section.   

  8. List button. Click this to add the account to a PeopleMap list or see what lists you've already added it to. You can either type a new list name, or select lists you've already made by checking the boxes next to the list names. Learn more in the Lists section

  9. Campaign button. Click this to add the account to a PeopleMap campaign. You can either type a new campaign name, or select campaigns you've already made by checking the boxes next to the campaign names. Learn more in the Campaigns section

  10. Liked or Commented status. You'll see this box if you've liked or commented on this account using PeopleMap. It'll show you a thumbnail of the post you engaged with, along with the date you liked or commented. This is IMPORTANT, we promise.  

  11. Notes. Add information that will help you categorize/identify the account later. Typically teams use this to write notes to each other about an account. Your notes are only visible to the team members on your PeopleMap account. These notes are searchable from the PeopleMap Search.

  12. Post Gallery. Shows you all the posts from the account. The total number of posts is shown at the top. Below each post thumbnail in the gallery, you'll see total likes, total comments, and the date. 

  13. Followers and Following shows you how many followers an account has, and how many people the account is following. If you have the password for this Instagram account, connect the account to PeopleMap to see specific followers and following.

    Instagram doesn't allow you to see who's following accounts you don't own, except when using the official Instagram app. 




Click a thumbnail in the Post Gallery to see a panel in PeopleMap showing details. Move your cursor over the photo in the panel to see which accounts where tagged in the post. Click an account name to open that profile in a PeopleMap panel.

  1. Drag and Drop the image to your desktop. This is faster than taking a screenshot and saves the highest resolution photo available.
  2. Previous and Next Arrows will take you through the post gallery in chronological order. 
  3. Tagged Accounts shows you any accounts that are tagged in the post. Click an account name to open that profile in a PeopleMap panel—so you don't lose your place!
  4. Tagged Accounts Pop Up is a draggable panel with the same tagged accounts. Click the icon to the right of the Tagged Accounts (#3) to show this pop up panel. Click an account name in the panel to open that profile in a PeopleMap panel—again, so you don't lose your place! 
  5. Like Count. Shows you how many likes the post received. Click this number to see a PeopleMap panel showing the first accounts that liked the post (up to 100). TIP: This panel can help you identify if an account is buying likes (and potentially has fake followers). To spot fake likers/spammy accounts, look at the engagement of the first 20 likers. If you see mostly accounts with less than 0.1% engagement, you should be suspicious. 
  6. Comment Count. Shows you how many comments the post received. The most recent 120 comments are shown below the post. 
  7. Post Link. Opens the post on Instagram's website. This lets you see additional info that's not shown on PeopleMap (post location, additional photos for carousel posts, media player for video posts).      
  8. Post Lists are collections of posts you want to save (like People Lists, but for Posts). To save a photo to a post list, click "Add to Post Lists." You can either type a new list name, or select lists you've already made by checking the boxes next to the list names.  
  9. Like button. Lets you like a photo just like on Instagram. TIP: You can like a photo from any account you've connected to PeopleMap. Click the account name next to the Like button to switch the account you want to like from. Learn more in the Likes section
  10. Hashtags. Click any hashtags in the caption to open them in PeopleMap and see/filter posts tagged with that hashtag.

  11. Comment button. Type a comment in the box and click the comment button to leave a comment on this post. The username next to the comment button shows you which of your connected accounts you're commenting as. Click the username to switch to a different account. Learn more in the Comments section


Not Available

  • Locations. Click the Post Link (#7) to see the post location on Instagram's website.

  • Videos. PeopleMap shows the video preview photo. Click the video camera icon below the photo to see the video on Instagram's website.

  • Carousels/Album. PeopleMap shows the first photo from the carousel. Click the Post Link (#7) to see the full carousel on Instagram's website.

  • Instagram Stories. As soon as Instagram provides story access, we'll add story viewing to PeopleMap!