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Last updated February 4, 2018


How to like & comment from multiple accounts:

You can like and comment from multiple Instagram accounts in PeopleMap. And if you don't know how to connect more Instagram accounts, we got you

  1. Click any post on PeopleMap to see the Post Detail panel. Look for the heart button below the photo.
  2. Click the username next to the heart if you want to switch to a different Instagram account. Click the heart button to like/unlike.
  3. To comment, scroll down to the comments below the photo. Look for the comment box with the comment button below it.
  4. Click the username next to the comment button to switch to a different Instagram account. Then write your comment and click the comment button.
  5. After you comment and like on a post, a blue indicator box will appear on that account's profile in PeopleMap telling you when you last liked and commented on that account.

How to use Emoji:

After you've clicked into the PeopleMap comment box to type your comment,

  1. Mac: Press the "Control + Command + Space Bar" keys on your keyboard simultaneously and the emoji picker will pop up
  2. PC: On Windows 10, right-click any empty section of the taskbar to see the context menu. Then click "Show touch keyboard button". This will put a keyboard icon in your system tray, bottom right of the screen. Click that icon to bring up the touch keyboard, which has an emoji button.

The "smiley face" button next to the comment bubble will also help you if, in fact, this help section doesn’t. 😉


Limits to comments and likes:

Limit your engagements to 60 comments and 60 likes per hour (one a minute, on average). You can see your engagement history in Stats → Activity (Click Stats in the main nav at the top of PeopleMap, then click Activity in the secondary nav). Learn more in the Activity section


Don’t get banned from Instagram! Here’s how:

  • Don't like or comment from the Instagram App and PeopleMap at the same time. You can browse on the Instagram App simultaneously, just don't like and comment. Tell your entire team! Some teams use a slack channel to "clock-in" and let others know that they shouldn't be engaging with the Instagram App.
  • Don't write the same comment over and over again. Make each comment unique.
  • Don't use all caps in any comment.
  • Don't mention more than 5 accounts in any comment.
  • Don't include more than 4 hashtags in any comment.
  • Don't include more than 1 URL/Web link in any comment.

Sometimes you will get blocked from liking by Instagram even without doing anything wrong. Their abuse prevention algorithms make mistakes. Those blocks can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, and you just have to wait it out. But you can usually still comment even if you've been blocked from liking. And commenting is a better way to engage with your audience anyway!



If you're having trouble liking and commenting with PeopleMap, remember that is only one click away on any post you're viewing on PeopleMap. Just click the "open in new tab" icon () below the post to see the post on

  • Commenting and liking on can be just as easy as within the PeopleMap interface. It's all about preference. 
  • You can like and comment on more photos because Instagram counts your likes and comments on differently than they do on PeopleMap.
  • You have more options for comment text (all caps, all lowercase, all emoji).