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Getting Started

Likes & Comments


Strategic Commenting

Commenting and liking is the best way to grow your audience when you're starting out on Instagram. This is how Puno (PeopleMap's Co-founder) grew @madewithmap from 0-80K. We have some guidelines and efficiency tips below, but remember, the Analyze button is where the magic happens! That's how you find people to engage with.

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Like and Comment on is one click away! Just click the "open in new tab" icon () below the post to comment on


Track your Comments with Lists

Track your Comments with Lists

We recommend this workflow for tracking your comments:

  1. Create a List called Comment-1
  2. On a profile's post, click the "open in new tab" icon () to comment on
  3. After you comment, add the profile to the Comment-1 list.
    TIP: The next day, check their profile on the Instagram app to see if they're following you. If so, add them to a List called Following. If not, comment again, and add the profile to a new list called Comment-2



Don't Get Banned

  • If you have a team, don't like or comment at the same time. You can browse on the Instagram App simultaneously, just don't like and comment. TIP: Some teams use a slack channel to "clock-in" and let others know that they shouldn't be engaging with the Instagram App.

  • Don't write the same comment over and over again. Make each comment unique.

  • Don't use all caps in any comment.

  • Don't mention more than 5 accounts in any comment.

  • Don't include more than 4 hashtags in any comment.

  • Don't include more than 1 URL/Web link in any comment.

  • Don't use spammy words (eg, "Follow Back").

Sometimes you will get blocked from liking by Instagram even without doing anything wrong. Their abuse prevention algorithms make mistakes. Those blocks can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, and you just have to wait it out. But you can usually still comment even if you've been blocked from liking. And commenting is a better way to engage with your audience anyway!