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Instagram Content Strategy

Last updated April 16, 2018

How do I increase engagement on my posts? How do I get paid as an influencer? The question you should be asking is — "How do I produce better content?" Think of yourself as a Creative Director who not only has the vision for an engaging shoot, but can execute that vision with a talented team. Brands aren't just hiring you for your numbers, they are hiring you for your perspective and execution. Even if you have 100 followers, you can truly stand out if your content shines. 

But there's only so much you can do by yourself. We believe in the power of collaboration and PeopleMap can help you uncover those key people that can help execute your vision. This is our step-by-step guide, from content strategy to pitching. Holla!  


Step 1:

Create a Moodboard

We all have a ~vibe~ we want to exude on our feeds. Having a style guide is key to maintaining that consistency and attracting partners/ collaborators who also fit into that aesthetic.

  1. Search for an influencer or brand you like on PeopleMap and find one of their posts that really speaks to you. Click it to open the Post Detail Panel.

  2. Click the Add to Post List button and create a List called Moodboard

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you've got a good Moodboard list going.

  4. Once you have an aggregate of 15 - 20 posts, take a screenshot and use that as a reference when pitching yourself and your ideas. 

All the posts will show as an image grid, so you'll have a visual diary. And you can always click any post to open its detail panel in PeopleMap.

STep 2: 

Finding stylists for your shoot

  1. Search for #stylist in PeopleMap

  2. Click the hashtag result that best aligns with your goals

  3. Add a filter for Min. likes. 300 is a good starting point.  

  4. Look through the filter results for posts that have the right aesthetic and the right location. Add those accounts to a Stylist list. If you want to get even more specific, you can make separate lists for locations and types of stylists (editorial vs commercial).

  5. After you organize your listhave your moodboard ready before you reach out.

  6. Email the stylists your moodboard, letting them know your vision, and ask if they'd be down to work together. Establish a relationship and get a conversation going! Create a pitch funnel in your Lists to organize your efforts.  



Step 3: 

Organizing your pitch funnels using Lists

Once you have the lists of stylists you want to work with, you can create list funnels to help organize your outreach. This process ensures you don't pitch the same person twice, or let someone slip through the cracks.

  1. Create three Lists: Stylists To Reach Out, Stylists Emailed, Stylists In Talks.

  2. When you email a stylist your pitch, move the account to the Stylists Emailed list: on that account's Profile Detail panel in PeopleMap, click the List button, then deselect the first list they were in and select the Stylists Emailed list.

  3. Keep doing this as you reach out. As stylists get back to you, do the same thing in Step 2, but for the Stylists in Talks list. 


Step 4:

Collaborate with a Photographer

A great way to find photographers is to Analyze a bigger photographer that fits your aesthetic and vibe. This works for any professional, really (eg, Magazine Editors). Like-minded accounts follow/attract other like-minded accounts. This is why the Analyze feature is so key to list building.

  1. Search for the photographer's Instagram account on PeopleMap and click the Analyze button on their profile

  2. Filter your analysis results by typing photographer into the Search field of the results.

  3. Anyone with photographer in their Bio will show up. Pick out the accounts you like and add them to your list.

  4. Analyze every account you found in Step 3.

  5. Email the photographer a note saying you love their work (include your moodboard) and let them know about your concept. Maybe you've already even found a location. Ask them if they would be down to shoot. The more you produce the shoot, the more likely it'll happen! 

By bringing on a stylist, a photographer, and your brands, you'll be able to build more social capital. People like sharing their work and building their personal brands. So the more integrated and thought out the concept, the more beautiful (and therefore shareable) the content will be.