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List Building for Growth

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List Building for Growth

Last updated February 5, 2018

Every seasoned marketer has a solid list. No matter what the industry is. If you are going to start marketing on Instagram, you need to get social, and that starts with figuring out who to reach out to. Surprise, it's not all content! Imagine if someone had a list of 10,000 brands, competitors, and influencers that were hand-picked for your brand? You would probably pay some money for that list because you understand how much time it takes to build it. Start organizing all of those gems you come across so that your future self and future team will thank you later.

Whether you are looking for brands to partner with, influencers to collaborate with, or competitors in your field that you want to pull consumers from, List Building is a great way to keep all of those people in one place. That's why we built PeopleMap! We would spend hours manually browsing the Instagram app and loading up our phone with screenshots or entering them in a spreadsheet that would quickly get outdated. Honestly, the desktop is So. Much. Faster. Mouse and keyboard FTW!



Sales / Find Buyers

One of the biggest challenges of a brand is, of course, selling! Whether you're looking for wholesale distributors or direct to consumer, you can create lists for both that will save you time.

Lists on PeopleMap

  1. Create a list of retailers that you want to carry your brand. Let's say you're looking to get in to Target. Search for Target's Instagram account on PeopleMap and add it to your Retailers list.
  2. Then, click Analyze
  3. When your analysis is ready, search for buyer in the analysis results. You can filter it by engagement or number of followers, but those things don't really matter when you're looking for people that aren't touting a social media presence.
  4. Scroll through the results and click on promising ones to verify that they are buyers. Then add each match to a Buyers list.
  5. Once you have a good list of buyers going, create an outreach funnel using Lists. Outreach funnels separate people into easily digestible work streams. For example:
    • Buyers 1 Leads
    • Buyers 2 Emailed
    • Buyers 3 In Talks
    • Buyers 4 Confirmed
    • Buyers 4 Denied
      TIP: The same person can be added to multiple lists. And you can easily move different users to different lists within the outreach funnel by deselecting and selecting the list you want them added to.
  6. Utilize the notes section like you would in a CRM. This way you and your team will be on the same page. You can write something like "Target Buyer, Left Target Dec 2017. She said she will introduce us to the new buyer in a few weeks."  



PR / Editors of Magazines

If you're looking for some juicy, wholesome PR for your brand (who isn't!), we got you as well. Similar to finding retailers and buyers above, you can use PeopleMap to find magazines and editors.

  1. If your goal in life is to get in to Vogue, first add Vogue to a Dream Publications list. Analyze Vogue.
  2. We all know Anna Wintour is the editor-in-chief of Vogue, so it could be fruitful to Analyze her as well.
  3. In the analysis results, search for editor. You'll see editors from their own fashion blogs and editors from different publications who interact with Vogue a lot.

    For example, when we did this search, the first result that popped up with no other pre-requisites than "editor" in their bio, was a Nigerian based fashion consultant/editor. The second was an editorial street style photographer based in New York. The third? A fashion editor at Vogue who also happens to have her own shoe line. There's some good variety in here. Add any editors who align with your brand to a list of editors you want to reach out to.

    TIP: By analyzing Vogue, we were able to almost immediately find an editor who works there. If we wanted to find more targeted "editors", we would analyze someone like Tabitha Simmons and search for "Vogue" in her analysis results. This is one way to hone your results a little more.
  4. Next, create an outreach funnel stream using lists (similar to what we did in the Buyers example):
    • Editors 1 Pitch
    • Editors 2 Pitched
    • Editors 3 In Talks
    • Editors 4 Sent Product
    • Editors 5 Featured
  5. Move editors between lists based on where they are in the funnel.