Finding Brand Ambassadors

Finding Brand Ambassadors

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Finding Brand Ambassadors

Last updated February 5, 2018


Filter YOUR BRAND Hashtag

For a brand, finding organic brand ambassadors is the easiest way to amplify reach. But how do you find the right ambassador? And how do you know if they're "real"? Let's say you're @Reformation and you're looking for brand ambassadors to rep your latest collection.

  1. Search for #reformation in PeopleMap. You'll probably see 10s of thousands of posts!

  2. Time to filter. Set Min. likes to 200 and Min. followers to 1000 so we're looking at posts with decent engagement from micro-influencers and above.
  3. Click Filter. The filtering process could take a few minutes for this many posts. Don't close your browser tab.
  4. Browse the posts and click any photo that fits the Reformation brand. In the Post Detail panel, click the like count under the photo to show the First people to like this panel. Do a quick scroll-through and ask yourself, are these the types of people that would wear your brand?
  5. Then click the profile pic next to the post caption to show their profile in PeopleMap. Check their numbers and scroll through their feed. You're looking for 2% engagement and up.
  6. If you like what you see, add this user to a List named Brand Ambassador. Add the photo to a Post List named Regram. To keep track of posts from this account in the future, add it to a Campaign named Organic Brand Ambassadors that is configured to track the #reformation hashtag.
  7. Go back to your Hashtag results in the far left panel and click another photo (Step 4).

TIP: If you don't see multiple panels in PeopleMap, your screen might be too narrow. If you're on your phone, switch to your laptop. If your browser window is tiny, make it wider.


Location Specific Hashtags

Filtering is a great way to find people in a specific location. For example, if you're based in Scottsdale, AZ and you're looking for influencers to invite to a local event, you can search #ScottsdaleBlogger or #AZBlogger to see what comes up. If you're not sure about which hashtag to look through, check the number of posts for each, and start with the more popular one. If #AZBlogger has more posts than #ScottsdaleBlogger, search #AZBlogger and then filter those results with scottsdale as a keyword.



You can use the Analyze button to find local influencers too. If you know the region well, think of a local shop or cafe. You want a business that only has a few locations (maybe just one), and preferably hasn't expanded out of the area. It should cater specifically to the demographic you want with its branding, neighborhood, or product. Search for the Instagram account of the business on PeopleMap and hit Analyze. If you've picked your business carefully, the results should be mostly full of locals. You can then analyze any other local account you find in those results.

If you don't know a region well, usually a quick Google search will turn up some hyper local businesses in the area. And you don't have to limit yourself to physical stores. Local lifestyle and culture blogs from the area are great Analysis options too. Magazines often get their start by tapping in to local influencer communities, and have highly focused audiences as a result.


EMAIL NOTification and follow up

Giving your brand ambassadors kudos is a great way to maintain your relationship with them and foster brand loyalty. Their audience will also see you engaging with them, which shows you take care of your fans. But you'll want to be one of the first to comment. One way to do this is to set up a PeopleMap Campaign with your ambassadors so you'll get email notifications every time they mention your brand in a post. Click the photo in the notification email and that'll take you straight to the post in PeopleMap, where you can comment.