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TIP: Click those little Info icons () on PeopleMap. They explain what you're looking at.

How do you know if accounts bought their followers or likes?

We can't tell you if an account is fake, but there are clues that may suggest an account has fake followers/likers.

The first question you should ask before even caring if they are fake is "Are the people engaging with this account the type of people you are trying to reach?" For example, if you're a swimwear brand and you only see guys liking the account, is that person the right influencer for you? Or if you're a mom blogger from Texas trying to collaborate with another mom blogger, but you don't see any other moms liking the account, is that who you want following your account?

The quickest way to do this gut check is to look at the first likers on any recent post. To see those likers, click a post and open it on Then look for the number of likes next to the photo. Click that number to see the first likers on that post. Scroll through a few of those to get a feel for the audience.


Do I have to be logged out of my Instagram app while I'm using PeopleMap?

You can be logged in to the Instagram app and browse Instagram while using PeopleMap. 


How is my engagement calculated?

Engagement is the percentage of your followers that like and comment on your Instagram posts. For example, if you post a photo that gets 9 likes and 1 comment, and you have 1,000 followers, the engagement on that post is (9+1)/1000 = 1%.

Calculating a profile's overall engagement is a little more complex. To establish a trend, PeopleMap first averages the likes and comments over the most recent 12 posts.

Next, if a profile has fewer than 1,000 followers, the engagement number is reduced to dampen the friend effect; early followers tend to engage more highly because of personal affiliation. This lets you directly compare the engagement of someone with 500 followers to someone with 100,000 followers.

Finally, the engagement calculation doesn't count posts older than 90 days. This ensures that a profile's inactivity is expressed in its lower engagement number.


Why don't I see all my followers when I hit the Analyze button?

The Analyze feature takes a sample of people who have recently engaged with an account. Analysis results don't show all the followers for an account, and they don't show all the likers and commenters (due to limitations imposed by Instagram). Private accounts are also excluded. Think of analysis results as a statistical sampling of an account's engagement.


How can I use campaign impressions and engagement in my reporting, and where can I see passive engagement (unique number of people who saw a post)?

Use the impressions number as a way to estimate the maximum size of the audience before a campaign and to indicate the scope of the campaign after. Likes and comments (and the engagement %) are the most accurate measure of active engagement. To measure passive engagement (viewing content without interacting with it) you'll need to use the Instagram app for that (logged in as the creator of the post). Instagram doesn't provide 3rd parties with the passive engagement numbers—they're only available to business profiles through the Instagram app.


Can I DM from PeopleMap?

Instagram doesn't provide official DM access to any 3rd party tool. Only the official Instagram app is allowed to DM.