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Account Type Examples

No doubt, you could be a combination of these types, but what would someone categorize you as when they first saw your account? Or what do you want them to see?

  • Agency PR, Events, Design, Packaging, Branding, Influencer, Social Media. Essentially, a group of Professionals who share clients.

  • Brand You sell a product. It could be physical or digital (like PeopleMap), but you're getting paid by customers.

  • Community Non-profits, magazines, content platforms, moodboard and meme accounts. You might sell products, but it's not as obvious. Most people are coming to your account for the community and mission.

  • Influencer You are the face. You could be a musician, actor, model, blogger, mom, chef, founder, educator. People and brands are seeking your perspective and content (as opposed to you providing a service for a fee).

  • Professional You offer a service to clients in exchange for a fee. Graphic Designers, Photographers, Fitness Instructors, Doctors, Hair Stylists. People are coming to your account for your skills.