Female Photographers on Instagram

Female Photographers on Instagram

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You have a shoot coming up and you need to find a photographer. You want the photographer to be of a certain creative integrity, and you want the photographer to be a female. Let's use Girlgaze as an example, using two different PeopleMap features. 


  1. Look up @GirlGazeProject on PeopleMap and hit the Analyze button on the profile

  2. Sort + Filter those results by typing Photographer as a keyword

  3. Add all the photographers whose work you like into a list called Photographers

  4. Once you have a good Photographers list going, open the list and search keywords for the city you're looking to shoot

  5. If you find a city-specific photographer you love, go ahead and Analyze their account too. This will most likely show you photographers who shoot in similar styles and are based nearby.


  1. Click Search in PeopleMap and type in #girlgaze to see all the posts using that hashtag

  2. Filter those posts with either "photographer" or the city name (eg, "new york", "los angeles"). This is approaching the search from the other angle, by filtering the user generated girlgaze content instead of the editorial girlgaze content.

TIP: For communities like Girl Gaze that support female artists and creatives, try keywords like "MUA" and "Stylist" as well.