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As a creative you should focus on the creative.  Getting contracts can frequently be overwhelming and intimidating.  Oftentimes influencers aren’t aware of what rights they are giving away, what terms they are agreeing to and for how long. These things may not be an issue in the present and can be hard to imagine at the initial negotiating stage, but can cause problems down the line and have a big impact on your earnings.  

Protect your intellectual property, right of publicity and brand and maximize your earnings by having an entertainment attorney review your agreements.  A simple and easy way to make sure you are protecting yourself.


How it works

  • Submit your Contract (upload to Google Drive) with a description of the purpose of the agreement. Be sure to express any of your specific concerns and to point out any nuisances underlying the contract that would not be immediately clear from the contract itself (i.e. things discussed over the phone with the other party). 
  • You will receive confirmation that your form has been received.
  • In about 4-5 business days you will receive a redline containing comments marking all points of concern, if any, in your agreement.

All correspondences are confidential.

Teddy Nguyen
Entertainment Lawyer


Teddy Nguyen practices entertainment, intellectual property and business litigation in federal and state courts.  Teddy works with high-profile clients focusing on the protection of their brands from online infringers and defamers.  Teddy has worked with brands and talent, advising them on how to protect their brand in the Internet landscape and has experience reviewing and managing influencer/talent agreements for some of the top influencers and talent.

Prior to becoming an entertainment attorney, Teddy worked as a photographer and advocate for LGBT immigrants.  Through his work as a photographer, he has developed a deeper understanding for the rights of an artist.