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Got your trial? Here are a few tips that we talked about in the episode:

  1. Research Micro-Brands. Commenting authentically starts with having a passionate conversation about brands you love. Instead of focusing on the big brands like Zara and H&M, what about the micro-brands that have interesting founder stories or the product is made from a special process or… hey, that’s where the research comes in! Telling those stories will help your community fall in love with brands and build authentic conversations around it. Brands are reading your comments and they are looking for those conversations. See the post on the right as an example.

  2. Search for Conference Hashtags on PeopleMap. Under min likes, add 100. This will filter in people that have engaging communities, but not too big. Hashtags are a networking opportunity much like a major industry conference except the handshake is digital. Tap on accounts that you’re genuinely interested in, and start commenting — authentically. Read it out loud. If you couldn’t imagine yourself saying this to a person IRL, then check yourself. Be real! If you aren’t feeling inspired to talk to anyone, maybe this is the wrong hashtag. This trial and error is totally normal and consistent experimentation is part of the process. Aim to comment and engage at least one hour a day.

  3. Take the time to do the research. OK, so we just covered hashtags, where else? What accounts are people watching? What accounts are people listening to? What brands are my community following? Who are the people that my people are following? From here, click the analyze button below their account. Then sort by comments, these are active people on Instagram (not just followers), these are the people you should be engaging with!

  4. Give yourself a Marketing Budget. If you’re trying to grow, act like a business and really make yourself accountable for posting and engaging consistently. The Marketing Budget can simply be there to pay yourself for your time, but the idea here is that if you don’t show up to work and just forget to post, is that the kind of employee you want to work with? Figure out how to get yourself to be consistent! You don’t have to post everyday, however, that’s a faster way to get a lot of experimentation done in a short amount of time. Once you know what you should post and who you should post to, maybe you don’t have to post as everyday. You won’t know until you put in the work.

  5. How can Influencers make themselves more attractive to brands:

    1. Put your email address in the profile, not just the button.

    2. Switch to a Business Account

    3. Add your location — city

    4. Spend 30 minutes to an hour to engage with your community. Analyze yourself on PeopleMap and sort by comments.

Be seekers, be researchers, be engaging.
— Jenna Kutcher

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