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Digital Gifting Suite

What is a gifting suite? An event that influencers attend where they browse different brand booths & pick what they want to take or are given a specific gift from every brand participating.

Challenges with the current model:

  • You can’t talk to influencers! Brands are typically denied ability to have a representative present. Do they even like the product?

  • Upfront prep. Ship large amounts of product in many sizes/colors

  • Deliverables are not clear. Did they post? Will they post?

  • Limitations: geography and number of influencers


The biggest complaints from Influencers...

“I’m tired of being thrown product. It’s so wasteful!”

“I get SO frustrated at companies who just send random things, especially after doing the minimalist challenge this year.”

“The worst part about Gifting Suites is you don’t get to learn more about the product or brand. I want to teach my community, not just wear product.”

“I really want to establish a relationship with a brand that I love. Is there something else we can do besides a one time trade?”


let’s do it better,

  • Brands can share their expectations or gifting requirements (i.e 1 tagged story)

  • Influencers only request what they actually want (vs. getting thrown product)

  • Brands can pick which Influencers they want to work with

  • Get connected directly to influencers who express interest in your brand to further build a relationship

  • Brands and Influencers can be based anywhere!

  • Flexible gifting options (eg, gift certificate, discount code). Get them on your site!

  • Develop new brand ambassadors


Theme —
🌎 Sustainability

In an effort to produce less waste and bring more awareness to sustainability, we are working with sustainable and cruelty free brands. We are hand-selecting micro-influencers that express sustainability to their community, are cruelty-free advocates, and/or create engaging content.

Our goal is to bring in quality influencers that match the aesthetic of the brands we are bringing on.

it works

  1. Brands give us their info

  2. We setup their section on the Digital Gifting Suite portal

  3. PeopleMap will hand-pick all Influencers and email them

  4. Influencers have 1 day to apply for a trade

  5. Brands will receive a list of all influencers interested, stats, email address, shipping address, and size.

  6. Brands will approve Influencers that they want to work within 7 days and communicate this list with PeopleMap.

    1. PeopleMap will also contact Influencers that were not selected. Feedback would be great so we can tighten up our process!

  7. Brands will ship out product. We would like for influencers to receive product by the 2nd week.

  8. PeopleMap will personally introduce Influencer and Brand via email once products are shipped.


Brands will

  • Approve influencers within 1 week of gifting suite

  • Ship product to influencers within 2 weeks of gifting suite

  • Prior to gifting suite, send PeopleMap the item(s) available for gifting and any sizing restrictions

Influencer will

  • Log into the gifting suite on the day of the event

  • Only request to trade with brands if they’re in agreement with the brands expectations

PeopleMap will

  • Curate brands and influencers. 

  • Connect brands to approved influencers via email after the gifting suite 

  • Communicate with influencers as to whether they were approved by a brand



How many items do we have to have available for the gift? OR can I choose how many influencers I gift?

You can have as many as you want. You will be able to approve and reject influencers after they request. When doing this selection, we encourage you to only approve the number of influencers that you can reasonably gift. We are relaying to the Influencer: "Our goal is to have you work with all the brands that you Request to Trade with. However, not all brands will have the capacity to match all Influencer."

What if an influencer requests gifting but isn't a fit?

Brands will have the opportunity to review influencers who request product, and can reject an influencer who isn't a fit.

Can you guarantee that an influencer posts?

Unless influencers are being paid, we can never 100% guarantee that they will post or abide by your expectations. However, we did everything in our power to ensure that doesn’t happen. We hand-picked & curated the participating influencers, had them sign a statement of understanding, and created a portal that clearly displays brand expectations.

We’ll be connecting each brand with selected influencers through personal emails when the suite ends. This way you can circle back with influencers to ensure they are aligned on deliverables and when to expect them. 

Can I do a shorter PeopleMap trial for a lower participation cost?

The 6 months access to PeopleMap is a value add, the cost of the gifting suite is fixed.

Why participate in a gifting suite?

Reach more qualified and interested influencers in short period of time without any work on your end.