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Thank you for your interest in creating a Top List! We are working with industry experts that have the pulse on instagram to create a short curated list of 10 instagram accounts. We’re not looking for heavy hitter influencers. We’re looking for micro-influencers in specific niches and/or locations. Which vertical are you familiar with? Fitness moms in Houston? Beauty Influencers that are changing the game? Maybe you cater to industry experts or have a list of clients in the food & beverage industry?

Once you’ve thought of your list, follow the steps below. If our editor approves, we'll add your list to our website and feature your list on our Instagram account. FYI, we get about 12K monthly views on our website. It’ll be great SEO for your website!

Alrighty, here’s how it works:

  • Start your free trial here.

  • Create your list of 10+ instagram accounts using PeopleMap.

  • Fill out the form below 😉

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Watch the video above to see how to create a list. Make sure to check our Top Lists to get ideas. Location specific ones are great!

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