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We welcome you to apply to join our list of Instagram Content Creators and Social Media Freelancers. Don't worry if you're not at 100 BAJILLION followers. We encourage micro-influencers with smaller, engaged followings to apply. Not there yet? Learn how to grow real followers

Tips for influencers:

Add your city and email in your Instagram Profile. More importantly, make sure that you're creating Case Studies (use the Campaign Tracker in PeopleMap) to show you care about ROI.

Ex: Los Angeles, California, United States
Add instagram accounts for actual brands.
What services do you offer?
Add a range of your costs for each service you offer. We will not post your service if you do not list a price. See the terminology below.
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Instagram freelancers are a new breed. Here's our take on the different roles you could hire or be hired for. Our price credentials are a starting point for negotiation.

Content Creator: Creates editorial calendar and produces image content for an instagram account. Typically hired on a monthly retainer or smaller campaign. They are not expected to engage with the community.

Mine & Grind: Engages with the community by commenting on potential followers of your instagram account. Also, creates list of instagrammers that are aligned with your brand's goals. For example, if you want someone to generate a list of influencers or competitors on instagram. Watch Chapter 3: Mine & Grind

Influencer: An instagrammer that posts content to their instagram profile and @mentions the brand. They could also takeover your instagram account. Typically hired per post. Take a peek at PeopleMap to see your engagement rate, average likes per post, and start creating Case Studies via the Campaign Tracker.

Instagram Social Media Management: Will manage your account by creating content, engaging with the community (i.e. Mine & Grind), and providing weekly reports. Can also reach out to influencers, organize off-line events, create collaborations, etc. Typically hired on a monthly retainer.